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India-South Korea International Joint R&D Partnering
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Open until December 31, 2021

The call for joint projects is focusing on promoting innovative technologies and creating a market-oriented product or process leading to commercialization between India and South Korea in the areas of ‘Future Manufacturing’, ‘Future Utilities’, ‘Digital Transformation’, and Biology & Healthcare’.

The national funding bodies from South Korea (KIAT, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology / KETEP, Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning / NRF, National Research Foundation of Korea) and India (GITA, Global Innovation Technology Alliance) have allocated funding for organizations collaborating on international R&D projects.

It is mandatory to include an eligible Project Lead Applicant who would be responsible for application submission and leading the project in the two countries respectively. The Project Lead from both countries MUST be a commercial company, while academia, R&D institute may participate as co-investigators.

Please note that all completed applications, along with requisite documents, must be submitted by Indian Project Lead (IPL) and Republic of Korea Project Lead (ROKPL) to GITA and KIAT or KETEP or NRF respectively at the same time.

* Call Deadline: (2021) 1st Jun / (2022) to be announced 

Who can apply?

Eligible Indian Project Lead (IPL)

  • An Indian company having requisite understanding and capability to undertake R&D activities.
  • The Indian Project Lead (INPL) (i.e. lead company) must be a commercial (for profit) company under the Indian Companies Act 1956/2013, which operates in and is headquartered in India.
  • At least 51% stake of the INPL Company must be owned by Indian citizens.
  • The INPL should have the required expertise and team capacity to manage the proposed project.
  • Sole proprietors and partnership firms are not eligible for support under this programme
  • Companies headquartered and owned outside India and their subsidiaries in India, or vice versa, are not eligible to receive funding from DST/MOC&I/GITA under this programme.
  • INPL should lead the project from Indian side and if required bring in other Industry Partners or Academic/R&D Institutions as Sub-contractors.

Eligible South Korea (ROK) Applicants

  • Industry, Research Institute or University
  • Project Lead from ROK must be from Industry while academia, R&D institute may participate as co-investigators.
  • In case of NRF, Project Lead must be from Industry while academia or R&D institute should participate as co investigators as well (This requirement much be fulfilled) 
  • Korean partners must comply with Korean regulations.

Eligible Technology Sectors

The call is open to the applied R&D projects in the areas of:

  • Future Manufacturing (Smart Factory; Electric vehicle; 3D printing; Robotics & Automation; Advanced material)
  • Future Utilities (Renewable Energy including hydrogen and fuel cells, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Waste-to-Energy technologies)
  • Digital Transformation (Information & Communication Technologies including IoT, AI, Big Data, Software)
  • Biology & Healthcare

    Project Funding Support

    Selected R&D project participants will receive funding from GITA, on behalf of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoC&I) Government of India, in India, and KIAT/KETEP/NRF on behalf of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), Government of Korea, in Korea, respectively. Funds will be provided in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures established by each organization, and/or each jurisdiction/country.

    Funding for R&D Project Participants in India

    GITA, on behalf of the Department of Science & Technology (DST) & Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoC&I), Government of India, will fund the successful projects, as follows:

    • DST- MoC&I -GITA will support up to INR 3.2 crore per project or 50% of the Indian Project Cost whichever is lower as a Conditional Grant.
    • Indian industry may receive up to 50% of their part of the eligible costs on a “Reimbursement Basis”, for costs already incurred on a proportionate basis.
    • Funds will be disbursed in combination of advance and reimbursement in periodic intervals. Max 30% will be given as advance payment against submission of collaterals.
    • Funding from other public sector sources will be taken into account when awarding grant, and applicants will be asked to declare funding from other sources in the application.

    In South Korea (ROK)

    The Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy (MOTIE) & Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), Government of Korea, will fund the awarded Korean projects through Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP), Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), & National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). The funding criteria and funding instruments as well as the general funding terms of MOTIE & MSIT will be applied.

    Total amount of budget (from ROK) for 2020~2021 India-Korea Joint Applied R&D Programme is up to KRW 500 million per project to the Korean Applicant.

    Types of Projects to be supported

    Two types of projects will be considered for program funding:

    • Full-Scale R&D Projects, focused on development of new products, processes or technologies
    • Product Adaptation Projects -In addition to R&D projects aimed at the development of new, innovative and R&D-intensive products, companies are also eligible for funding support for projects focused on the adaptation and customization of a product to in the markets e.g. in ROK, India or elsewhere, including but not limited to:
      1. Adaptation of product in consideration of local cultural / technical considerations
      2. Adaptation to local conditions, such as climate, infrastructure etc.
      3. Regulatory considerations, particularly for foods and drugs
      4. Reduction of price to customer by the utilization of local components
      5. Reduction of price to customer by optimization of specification
      6. Establishment of beta-sites

    Selection Criteria

    1. Projects must be innovative and market-driven, leading to the proposed development of a new product or process or new/improved services, leading to ultimate commercialization.
    2. Proposals must demonstrate the joint India-RoK project team’s capacity to manage the proposed project in their respective countries. The industry partners in India must contribute at-least 50% of the total industry project cost of the Indian participants.

    Project Construct

    1. Duration of the project is up to 24 months; Commercialization period follows as per the guidelines used by respective implementing agency.
    2. Co-development of new product / process / technologies
    3. Match funding by industry (The percentage of industry contribution will be followed by the respective rules and regulations in each country.)
    4. Conditional grant, if project is commercially successful (does result in incomes) repayment by IPL via royalties from sales
    5. The project partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product or process.

    Project Evaluation Process 

    Applications are evaluated as per processes below:

    1. Fitment check of application as per guideline
    2. Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) by an independent panel of experts
    3. Prioritization of projects
    4. Matching of projects based on first level
    5. Bilateral evaluation / review between India and Korea
    6. On site due-diligence of shortlisted projects (ROK: if necessary)
    7. Agreement signing

    Application Process

    The Application Form, Guidelines, and other relevant documents and information regarding the call are made available on GITA website for Indian Applicants and on the KIAT website, KETEP website, NRF website for South Korea applicants for a specified period, till the last date of submission of the application.

    In India

    Indian Project Lead needs to submit the Application online (no other mode of submission will be accepted) as per deadline through GITA website: http://gita.org.in/bilateral_funding_India-RoK.html

    In South Korea

    (Future Manufacturing) Korean Project Lead have to submit a formal KIAT application through Project Management System of KIAT: http://www.k-pass.kr 

    (Future Mobilities) Korean Project Lead have to submit a formal KETEP application through Project Management System of KETEP: http://genie.ketep.re.kr 

    (Digital Transformation / Biology & Healthcare) Korean Project Lead have to submit a formal NRF application through Project Management System of NRF: http://ernd.nrf.re.kr


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